13 things that happened or happen because of ads

Advertisements have become a part of our society. If we think of ads it is as normal as it can be. Thinking of a world without ads is somewhat unimaginable. Ads affect us a lot, but we don’t get to know that how much they affect us and what they do or have done to us all. They are useful, but they also have some adverse effects on our lives. In my blog post, I am going to talk about 13 things which have happened or which happen because of ads.

1. Political campaigning songs came into existence

indexThe songs like “Ab ki bar modi sarkar” or “Ache din ane wale hai” came into being because it was the need for campaigning on televisions, radios and banners.

2. Our very own pug became a celebrityvodafone_dogBefore vodafone made pug as its brand embassador not much people knew him but afterwards he got so famous that this celebrity can be seen almost in every household now. All thanks to vodafone!

3. New cartoon characters came into being

Zoozoo-vodafone-1And they made everyone laugh a lot. 🙂

4. Pizza, Kfc & Chocolate craving

Pizza-craving-copyYou were just sitting and watching your favorite serial and then came in the Dominos pizza add- Oh no!

5. We get to see the trailers of the upcoming movies

transformers-movie-trailer-037And if there were no ads, we would get to know about the movie which has released only on Fridays. That would be news, important than that of national or international one. 😀

6. FLAT 50% off

imagesAnd then we get to know about sale at our favorite brands. RRRRUUUUNNNNN…….!!!

7. The  upcoming thrill or suspense in our favorite serial

indexThrough ads we get to know about the upcoming suspense in our favourite serial and then we sit like zombies to watch it. All thanks to ads which keep us informed well in advance.

8. Extra earnings for celebrities

fairness debate.preview

And our celebrities would have been short of money if there were advertisements. Oh gosh!

9. Newspaper & magazines have more of ads and less of news


10. And somewhere we buy things which we don’t really needQuote-We-Buy-Things-We-Dont-Need-With-Money-We-Dont-Have-To-Impress-People-We-Dont-Like-Image-WallPaper-HD-1030x643

11. Hilarious ads



Some ads are so hilarious that you laugh every time you see them and you also discuss them with everyone.

12. Tweets

mountain-dew-promoted-hed-2013People discuss about ads on twithher 🙂

13. Free websites


Almost all websites & blogs allow us to read or view their material for free because they are able to earn through ads and sponsorships. I am so very thankful to the ads!

I am joining in on all the Pepsi IPL action in my own style with the #CrashThePepsiIPL activity at BlogAdda.”




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