I am a blogger and I don’t want to get killed

indexDo we discuss about that Should the terrorists be hanged to death or the rapists should be punished? Yes, we do and everyone has his or her own opinion. Do we get killed for our opinions? No, but people around the globe are getting killed for their beliefs.

In Bangladesh as many as four bloggers have been targeted till date for expressing their views about the war crimes which took place in 1971. In their views, the war criminals should be punished irrespective of the religion they belong to and this was taken by Islamists to be against Islam. The bloggers tried to stand against the ones who want to ruin their country and they were killed because they love their country. The major problem in Bangladesh is that politics and religion are combined together. Bloggers are being wiped out in Bangladesh because they are atheist.

I am a blogger and I love the world of blogging. It is a world which can be understood only by the ones who are a part of it. Every blogger loves this world for one or the other reason. It is a world wherein you can share your views about anything and everything. A person is free to give his suggestions, criticize or discuss about anything which he thinks is important from his or her point of view. In all you can do anything in this world of blogging unless and until it doesn’t defame anyone or is not truth. There is a difference between defamation and criticism which most of the bloggers do and should understand.

If I take an example of my own country, there are people who love Narendra modi on one hand and on the other there are many who hate Narendra modi. All those who hate and love him have their own understandings. Now, those who hate him or criticise him do they expect that his followers would come up and kill the hater for he has no right to hate the PM of India? No, they don’t because they experience a freedom to express (Article 19 of the Indian Constitution).

It is sad to believe and live with the fact that people like me are getting killed for no fault of theirs.

What should be done?
Should the bloggers stop blogging or they should be provided with security? None of the two is possible. The government should punish the war criminals in the way their law allows them to and also the killers should be penalized. So, that no other blogger or writer is killed. So, that no person in the world dares to even touch a writer or a blogger.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Archana Kapoor says:

    your sentiments resonate mine….
    Cheers, Archana


  2. Naiyyas says:

    Thanks Archana Kapoor 😀


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