The Waiting Room

If life is a train then there comes a waiting room in everyone’s life. A mother waits for her baby to take birth for 9 months, it is a sort of waiting room and when she comes out of this waiting room her life changes forever and ever. A person who has given any exam waits for his result and that period is a waiting room. Waiting room in our life is like a waiting room for a soul who waits for his train to arrive and once it is there, the person runs to get it. But sometimes the train may get cancelled or may not come or the person has to wait beyond expectation. That is what happens in our lives as well.

In my life this waiting room time was when I waited for nearly three long years to take admission in a law school. I always wanted to be a lawyer, but after my twelfth class, I couldn’t clear law school exam because I had no guidance for preparing this exam. In my second attempt, though I was able to solve the test but due to some reason or the other, I couldn’t join the law school. I was in the waiting room for three long years, but that waiting room taught me a bunch of things.

The waiting room period made me strong enough to fight with anything. I didn’t waste those three years instead I read a lot of books. One of the biggest reasons of me not able to clear the exam was because I was in sports and I was not well versed with the text of most of the subjects. I covered that back log by reading whatever I got hold of. I started writing for a website who helped students in preparing for the law school exams. And eventually I started planning for my own website which I am soon going to launch.

Today, I am out of the waiting room and I am in a law school. But, I didn’t come out empty handed out of the waiting room. I am altogether a changed person. I am firm, courageous and braver than I was before.I have with me my knowledge and my website which is for those who are preparing for law exams and I provide them with any kind of guidance which they need because I don’t want that anyone should face the things which I faced.

The waiting room is not at all a bad place even if you have to wait for long because in it there is a door which when opens will bring a great deal of happiness and life changing experiences.
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