Is suicide the only option?

imagesA few days back I heard about a woman who committed suicide because her husband was a gay and used to mentally torture her. The lady was working as an anesthetist at AIIMS, Delhi. She wrote a suicide note on Fb in which she clearly mentions that she found that her husband was a gay within 6 months of their marriage, but she tried her best to adjust and work out the relationship because she loved her husband. She was ultimately forced to kill herself because of the mental torture that she had to undergo because of her husband.

My question is that was her decision right to kill herself?


Well! I can imagine the grief of that lady. She was married for last 5 years and still she didn’t have the happiness of marriage. Her husband was a gay but still she tried to adjust. She was in love with a person who had no feelings for her. Being married for 5 years, every relative just asked one question to her, “Why don’t you plan a family?” And this question would have killed her more inside because she thought she cannot tell the bitter truth that her husband was a gay that they had no marital relation that their marriage was just for the name sake, it was empty. And on the top of it, the everyday fights with her so called husband. The lady was already dead!

But, the question is don’t you think that she could have stood against all the wrongs which were happening to her?

the-endShe was an independent woman, a doctor at AIIMS, Delhi. She could have filed a divorce petition and on one or the other grounds divorce would have been granted. At least she should have shared it with her family. She could have easily separated and lived a much better life.

I know she would have thought that it will become difficult for her family, but are they fine now? No, they are probably the unhappiest parents in the world, seeing your kid die in front of you is the most difficult thing for the parents.

In my opinion, killing herself was not the only option which the lady had. For all those who are facing any such problem should stand up against the wrong and fight back, instead of killing yourself.

May her soul rest in peace!


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