Homosexuality in Indian Society

unfe_image_1047_fullHomosexuality in our Indian society is a taboo. People ordinarily don’t talk about sex, what to say about homosexuality. But none the less it is prevalent in the society. I am from an only girls school and I have seen young women who were lesbians. I have seen many gays & lesbian couples in my city itself. Homosexuality is a way of life and should be accepted. Indian society is at fault for not admitting this truth which is in front of them.

Recently, a woman killed herself because her husband was a gay and their marriage life was not normal. He was having gay friends and was involved with them. But, the guy had married a woman just to hide the fact that he is a gay. May be he had no other alternative because he cannot openly tell the society that he is a gay. Imagine how many lives are ruined just because a gay man marries a woman just to hide this reality. This also happened with one of my relatives whose husband was a gay, but she got to know this after marriage. Though she took divorce, but her life was ruined for almost three years.

My point here is that since it is existing in the society, why shouldn’t we accept it. It’s like in earlier societies love marriage was a taboo. But since it existed in the society, it had to be accepted because the society had no other option. In India homosexuality is an offence under Section 377 of IPC. But, what United Nations suggest is that LGBT people should have equal rights, and they are also running a campaign for the same.


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  1. Indrajit Das says:

    Nice post !! Important too


    1. Naiyyas says:

      Thank you Indrajit Das 🙂


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