15 things which make me happy- Life is a celebration!

“Apna har din ase jiyo jaise ki akhiri ho” I try to live my life around these words. I try to put the words like satisfaction and happiness in my head because somewhere deep down, I know that living everyday as if it is an occasion is the best thing which I can do to my life. I want to celebrate my life as we celebrate achievements, as we celebrate weddings, as we celebrate the homecoming of our loved ones. Happiness is doing what you love and I throughout the day do things which I love. The things which make me happy are:-

1. The view of sunrise from my balcony

imagesWho doesn’t love sunrise, but I love the view from the balcony of my room. I enjoy it when the mango tree glitters because of the sun. The chirping birds are a cherry to the cake.

2. Photography

DSC_0138I love photography because we can capture the best moments of our lives in it. I love to revisit those memories by looking at the photographs.

3. Dreaming

imagesI can dream anytime, anyday!

4. Travel

ddI want to be a traveler- The only aim of my life once I have completed my study in law.

5. Blogging

imagesI call it my life.

6. Sleep

ddddddMai khumbhakaran ki dur ki behan hu. 😀

7. Night & stars


I love gazing at the stars, they make me feel complete & happy.

8. Movies


I love to see some movies again and again like that of I hate love stories, Lakshaya, Princess diaries, queen and many more.

9. Food


I am a foodie and I enjoy street food. At anytime of the day or night, I can feel like having Golgappas, noodles, pav bhaji, soya champ, etc

10. Talking to my brother

10404117_398791510282853_7121477791551628267_nI enjoy talking to him because the talks make me feel as if I am with him.

11. Reading books

boolRomance & biographies that is what I love at the end of the day!

12. Gehri route

gehriAnd did I tell you that in Chandigarh we have a place wherein you go on your vehicles and roam around. I love going to that place because it is all the more lively.

13. Coffee

imagesMy day begins & ends with a Coffee.

14. Driving


Love it

15. Music

imagesAnd the type of music totally depends on my mood.

These are the things which make me happy. I think if we celebrate life, it will be really easy to do anything and everything. I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post. See you soon!

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  1. arv! says:

    Reading this post, one can feel the positive energy radiating in your words!


    1. Naiyyas says:

      Thanks a ton! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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