The Incomplete Family

indexHarleen was the only sister of his brother Sheryl. They had a very cruel childhood because when Harleen was just 4 years old her parents got separated. Both the Children were brought up by their paternal grandmother. They had a hard childhood because every day for them was a war which they had to fight to live their lives. When parents used to drop their kids to school, hug them and kiss them. The two kids used to walk down from their place completely alone to school and hold their hands more tightly because the little kids knew that they were everything to each other. In any case, they both grew up.

On one hand Harleen grew up into a young beautiful girl and on the other Sheryl was equally handsome. They had reached such an age that they got to know the truth that why their parents got separated. The reason was their grandmother, but now the kids wanted their parents to forget everything and live together. They started making plans so that they could clear the misunderstandings and differences between their mommy & daddy. It wasn’t easy to clear everything because there was no major reason of discord between them. It was just that the mother of the kids was not able to handle the behavior of her husband’s mother. It took them a lot of time to make plans.

As the kids had grown up they had shifted to another city. One day their grandparents came to visit them. Suddenly their dad came jumping and announced that he was elevated to the post of Head of the Region. Evidently, it called for a celebration and they threw a party to celebrate this good word at the roof of their house.

Sheryl and Harleen were also very happy and in a mode of festivity. They both while enjoying their drinks were discussing that the very next day they will execute their plan by bringing their mom back home and give a surprise to everyone. That very moment the drunken dad of the kids stood and announced that he is going to marry his girlfriend from last two years. The kids were in awe and they were completely shattered.

As announced the father remarried and the kids found a new mother. Everything worked well, but after a few months the stepmother and her children showed their true colors which forced Harleen to marry at a really early age. Sheryl who loved his sister couldn’t take it and he went abroad, leaving everything behind INCOMPLETE!


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