The Salman Khan Verdict

Ek Tha Tiger[6]Today I got up late and the first thing which I checked was the judgement for Salman Khan’s case. I knew he will be punished and was afraid of it. There are two ways in which I am thinking around this.

As a law student
I am a law student and I am proud of Indian judiciary for the judgment that the judges have given. According to our constitution everyone is equal before the law (Rule of Law) and that is what our judiciary proved today by punishing the offender for his office without taking into consideration that he is a “Superstar”. He is somewhat a dear one of our PM Narendra Modi. This factor is clearly not helping Salman Khan which again shows that our PM believes in justice first and then something else because no one interfered in the judgement. But, the bad part about our judicial system is that the judgement was pronounced after 13 long years which is somewhat not good. It is not a harsh judgement because he killed someone and when I think about the family of the person who was killed, they lost their loved one for just a reason that they couldn’t afford a safe place to sleep in Bombay. Anyways when I recollect from this peak of view I feel good that the judge gave a sound verdict.

As a Fan
On the other hand, I am a die heart fan of Salman Khan and I am not able to take it that he is going to be imprisoned. I am in shock; the guy has changed in these 13 years. He is altogether a different person, it’s like he learn’t from his mistakes and changed himself. But, then judiciary could have put him in prison for 10 years also, maybe his good deeds were taken into account.

I will surely miss him on screen but isn’t it a lesson for all others that drunk driving is dangerous and it can not only kill someone but also ruin your life. The Indian judiciary by giving this judgement has proved that equality rules law.


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