Life goes on!

128133870.kN6EByFw.OldWomanSittinginStreetPatanJust one and a half hour before my exam, I was taking a stroll and trying to mug up every word written in my book, it was almost like stuffing my brain like a sandwich. When I was making sure that the Indian Constitution gave freedom of speech and expression, I witnessed a woman who was walking down the road, lost in her own thoughts and staring at a young school boy who was in a rush to get to his school as if he came late he would be kicked away by his teacher. The women kept staring at the school boy till he went out of her sight.

It was strange, her expressions were as if she will embrace him tightly and cry out loud. And then, I remembered that a few days ago she lost her son who was in his early twenties. He lost his life because he was an alcoholic and was warned by the doctors not to drink as his liver was completely damaged, but one day he couldn’t control himself and he took a few drinks. The very next day he fell ill and after a few days he was declared to be dead.

He was a rickshaw puller and used to visit his mother very often. I used to see them often talking and her mother begging him to give up drinking. But in the end she lost him and what is left is just the memories which haunt her and make it difficult for her to breathe every single moment. And now even the last souvenir of her beloved son has been sold, the old yet new rickshaw which was parked at the corner of their house is no more there.

The only thing which I kept thinking after I saw all this was that you have to live life, it doesn’t comes to an end with coming or going of someone, you have to stand up and live life because you don’t have the option to give up.


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