When you are the leader, you are certainly going to be hated

11752021_468199693342034_7201583718819387553_nIf you are a leader, you will have people who will hate you for you are the leader and you are better than them in some way or the other. And you will also have people who will love you for who you are and they are the people who become your strength and who are your motivation. You have power, but they say it right with great power comes great responsibility. The leader is almost like a mixture in a sandwich, on one side you have your boss and on the other you have your team. Sometimes, you try saving your team, but instead you yourselves get killed in all the clutter and sometimes your team takes you to be wrong. That’s how it is all in all you stand alone with some trusted people who stand beside you every time making it easy to handle all the crap that you have to face as a leader.

I got a chance to be a coordinator in one of my recent internships and it was one of the best learning experiences that I could ever have. I tried to be a friendly coordinator on one side and a fair one on the other. I tried my best to save people from my boss, but then also people had certain misconceptions about me. I used to think that if I start being truthful and start telling every minute mistake of what my team commits, they will be slaughtered. One such experience is when some of my colleagues broke the curriculum of the office and they broke it in one of the worst ways. Also, I tried to solve the matter at my own level, but some other members of the team wanted to take it to the higher authorities. At this point of time I promised myself that I will tell the truth without giving my opinion unless and until my head asks for it. And this concept worked in the best of the ways. My colleagues were not only saved, but also they could work again in the office with dignity. Another experience was when a guy was not well and he left the office without telling me, one of the team members informed my head about the same due to which I was forced to tell the names and the guy on the other hand thought that I tried to throw him in the problem.

Now, the learning from being on some top position is that be who are, be gentle, be honest, be truthful and try to balance things between your head and your team because in the end your team is your strength and your head is someone who has trusted you.


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