Sometimes relations are by soul and not by blood

IMAG3107_1My Soul Brother

Before going to Jaipur, I had enough brothers and I was happy to have them. The door of having another brother was closed and locked. But, some doors are locked to be opened for when someone really special knocks on it. Some friends are just friends while other become best friends, but some who are very special become brothers and sisters since they are more than best friends, the bond is just as if they are related through blood.

So, I met this guy for the first time in one of the trainings related to my office project. The truth is that I didn’t even notice him. It was his first day in office and I had completed a week. Things moved on and after around two days, we had to travel to a place called Kishangarh and while returning to Jaipur we got a chance to travel together in a train. I got to know that he existed and we had a bit of conversation.

Train travel was fun and was the day it made me feel that coming all the way from Jaipur to Chandigarh for a human rights internship was not at all a bad decision. We spent more time together and one fine day we started talking about writing as a hobby. And then I told him about my blog and at that point of time we became friends, good friends. Writing was something that we both love and that is the sole reason we got such good allies in such a little time span.

Writing was a bridge which strengthened our friendship and then we never turned back. We had endless topics to discuss and also we got to know after we completed our internship that we ignored a lot of people, it was like we usually forgot what was happening around us when we were together. After talking about our hobbies which were to some extended common, we started sharing our secrets and personal problems at that peak of time everything changed. Both of us had a feeling that in this whole world someone existed who knew everything about our lives and in the end prayed that everything goes well.

I recall seeing a mall together and what we did was barely babbling, laughing and spilling beans, that’s it but that was the best time spent together. We didn’t use to get high on alcohol, but we used to get high on being together and on our talks. The best or somewhat the worst part was that people were jealous of our friendship; he is smart, so girls used to have a soft corner for him, but he was too busy with his newly found sister and he almost ignored everyone.

Another best memory that we share is that of eating our meals together. He used to sit with me and make sure that I eat because I had some problem in my mouth due to which eating was a bit of pain. He used to make sure that I eat and that was the best feeling i could ever experience. Someone in the world cares that you have your food and that you are safe.

I am so glad that I found him and somewhere in my heart, I know that we will be there for each other forever and ever.


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