And, she left him for her family

CSC_0075“Love marriage”this word haunts almost everyone, especially Indian parents. When I was a kid and I used to attend marriages of friends and relatives. I always used to hear one of these words love or arranged. Fundamentally, one thing was clear to me in my childhood itself that love marriage meant that the kids weren’t obedient and were not at all well mannered while arranged meant that the parents had best kids one could ever have, obedient and well mannered all at the same time. Another thing which I remember from my childhood related to this is that if the marriage was that of love marriage, there used to be a buzz around the party that the bride and the groom have chosen each other and it’s not the parents who have made the match and also some aunties would always say that, “aaj kal ke bache bhi na” in between all the aww’s and haww’s. Not only this all the spices were added to these haww’s and aww’s like that of Indian food, Indian talks are also very spicy. As I grew up, I saw people falling in love and out of love. The best or the worst part about love is when you have to tell about it to your parents. In some households it as normal as it should be but in some it is as if the kid of the house announced that he or she is committing suicide, the situation is such that the parents are as if the kid has died, they will bite their lips and will tell god time and again that he didn’t do it right to them. One of the stories which I remember is one of my friends who was my age wanted to get married to the love of her life, it was true love because it could be felt from the way they saw each other. The boy’s family knew the girl well and were ready to have her as the daughter in law of the house. But, as they say marriage in India is not an affair between two people, it is an affair between two families.

One fine day, the girl decided to tell her parents about the boy and the parents disapproved the proposal without even meeting the boy. The grounds given for doing so were that the guy is not from the same caste, is not of the same status or class to which the girl’s family belongs to and the last but not the least, “log kya kahenge” that is how a love story was rejected. She tried to convince her parents, but all was in vain. Finally, she had to become the best Indian daughter and had to leave the love of her life. It was difficult for her, the guy with whom she had daydreamed of living whole of her life got married to somebody else. In the meantime, she also got married, but it was like it was simply her body getting married to someone because her soul had died that very day, the day she let go the love of her life. The guy she got married is rich, too rich to buy her anything when I say anything, I mean it. But, she is not happy because sadly no one can buy love. CSC_0074 A few days ago, I met her parents and they didn’t directly accept that they did wrong with their girl, but yes, it could be felt from their expressions and the way they expressed their feelings. Somewhere, they wanted to shout at their girl and tell the young lady that Why didn’t you fight for your love? They were sad because they knew that they had crushed the happiness of their girl which their own hands for their own selfish purpose, for something called society. In the end, they accepted that it was their ego, which was getting hurt, it was their hard earned reputation which was getting affected.

In my view, marriage is the biggest gamble one plays in life. And, it is not that love marriages work for sure, but parents should surely give it a thought because even arrange marriages do not come with a tag that they will work for sure.


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  1. arv! says:

    Marriage be it love or arrange, is like going for a fishing! Either you can have a great day or bad one! …well written blog!


    1. Naiyyas says:

      And, it can either make your life heaven or hell 🙂


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