Why breaking up with your best friend is not that worst?

DSC_0089The best friend that I had
In my school days, I was a complete alien to this world. The things which I loved wearing was track suits in winters, guy T-shirts and shots in the summers, and when there was some party, I used to be the saddest person to attend it because probably I had to wear jeans and look like a young beautiful girl. I had no friends; I used to love painting, writing my dairy and listening songs. At school no one used to talk to me, I was bullied because I was different, I used to smile and laugh a lot at them because they seemed to be not like me. The girls and guys of my age were interested in dating each other and I was either interested in my studies or Bunking the class and going for skating. Oh! Yes in those days I was a skater, a national level gold medalist, roller hockey player. I thought the world was a bad place and my home was the best place. But today I can guarantee that those were the best days of my life because at that point of time the thing which only mattered was losing and winning a game, that’s it.

I completed my tenth from a co-ed school and since my score was really good, I managed to get admission to the second best school of my city and it was to my good luck a convent school. The best thing in this school was that many girls (Yes! It was an only girls’ school) were like I was, lived in, their dream world, played sports, drew paintings and were not at all interested in guys.

But, there were other set of girls who were interested in nothing else but guys. That was the only subject which they studied carefully and had mastered in it, something called How to get hitched? One bad thing about this school was that having a boyfriend was mandatory, I had one not in reality, but in stories and the best part was everything believed, and maybe they were so romantic to be true.

In my earlier school, I had no friends, but in this one I managed to make as many as eleven close friends. Though they were friends, but they used to make fun of me and tried to ignore me, but it took them a year to understand me and they were in love with me. In between all this, I managed to make a best friend, I used to call her the true definition of friendship. Our friendship worked really well, even after school was over, everything was near to perfect.
I trusted her like every best friend does. One fine day she asked me for a huge amount of money as she was in a bad financial situation and I gave her that amount. And, everything changed, she stopped talking to me and even today it has been more than six years, I really don’t know the reason. She stopped talking to me and we are no more friends. I was shattered because she was one of the first friends that I had. She never returned the money which had given to her and it was a hefty amount.

I learnt a lot from her friendship, something like that of not trusting people that easily. Even today, I will never trust people in a go. I will never be able to define people like I used to. It’s not that I stopped making friends I just started to stay within my limits when it comes to trusting people. That happens with every one of us, people come and leave, they leave us shattered and broken but we need to stand up and live our lives, pick up the shattered pieces of our lives and live it in the best of the ways in which we can.


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  1. arv! says:

    once bitten,twice shy…was the first thing that popped in my mind reading your post! while it is true that our reactions are shaped by our experiences but we need to sometime unlearn from all such event to experience relationships, after all two person are not same! 🙂


    1. Naiyyas says:

      I completely agree with you Arv 🙂

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