Why you should love the scars that you have?

IMG_9423Scars are something which we all hate, we run behind dermatologists and all sorts of doctors just to get rid of them. When we fall, the very first question that we all ask is will the mark stay and if the doctor nods we have a hell of pain in our hearts about this new mark.

Today, while sitting in my office when everything was in a chaos and I was sipping my tea to make sure that I don’t doze off, my eyes went on the wound on my leg which I got due to the opening up of my bed drawer. Everyone was much concerned about how it happened but the sad part was not the pain but the mark that would remain behind. Hold on! These marks, scars and tanning, aren’t they a prove or a reminder that somewhere at some point of our lives we have fought to achieve something. So, we should love them, they are a memory of being stronger and that at one point we grew in our lives.

Some scars are visible and some are invisible. The invisible ones are the hidden ones in the form of emotional breakdowns or various kinds of emotions which tore us apart at one point of our lives. The only point is that we grew up strong when we made sure that we put ourselves together. The invisible scars are somewhat more painful and they tend to comeback if not handled properly. But, we do handle them well and make sure that even the mark doesn’t stays and even if does, it is just a bad memory with a lot of learnings.

“Scars, marks and tanning are a proof that at one point of time you stood strong and fought”


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  1. Barkat says:

    I have so many scars on my face because I met with an accident and used to hate myself but after reading this I am proud of myself.
    Nicely written! 😎


    1. Naiyyas says:

      Hey Barkat,
      It was really nice to hear that this post helped you to fall in love with yourself. I hope you are always in love with yourself. All the best 😃👍😊


    1. Naiyyas says:

      Hey, thanks. I am so very obliged 🙂


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