Jazbaa- Movie Review

imagesAishwarya Rai plays the role of a reputed criminal lawyer and a single mom to a cute daughter. A fit lawyer with perfect dressing sense, confidence and attitude all at the same time will make you fall in love with her at the very first glance. The way she walks, works and pleads her case will make you feel like becoming a lawyer. She has a perfect style statement and an inspirational aura in the movie. Irfan Khan who plays the role of a suspended police officer is another cherry to the cake in the movie. His role was that of being a bold man and he has done justice to it.


The story begins on a very sweet note where a single mom drops her little daughter to school and also promises her to run race for her that very evening. The fit lawyer takes out time from her busy schedule and is able to win the race but at that point someone kidnaps the little girl. The story revolves around the kidnapping of this young girl, the kidnapper instead of asking for money asks the lady lawyer to fight a case and get a bail of a hardened criminal who had raped a young creative girl.


The lady lawyer though not interested in taking the case has to take up the case with all her strength so that she can save her little girl. She being a single mom turns out to be a strong woman and is able to fight well with the help of the suspended police inspector that Irfaan Khan. The best thing about the movie is that the story has a lot of plots in it and you will not lose interest throughout the movie. Also, you will love watching a lady lawyer handling all the ups and downs in her life all alone and making sure that she works her ass off before the pleads the case.

Did you hear the buzz that Jazba is not at all a good movie? Well! I completely disagree instead it is a must watch, the way Aishwarya has portrayed her love as a mother is so real that you can feel it. The movie is truly inspiring and is a must watch. Go ahead people!


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