Being force fed with law lectures

Morning snuggles & the lectures fff
The morning was cool and cozy, I was not feeling like leaving my bed, but in my head, I knew that if I miss my classes, I will be short of attendance for the semester. I pushed myself and got ready. When I entered my classroom everyone in the class was discussing the same thing that’s on the arrival of winters everyone feels too sleepy to get up early in the morning. And, I was so proud of myself that I was no exception to all this.

The professor came and she started delivering the lecture, the way she teaches is too boring and even if I promise myself that I will hear her, I give up on my promise too easily. I was just thinking that the Indian educational system is too theoretical to digest. I actually slept and had tears in my eyes.

The question is that we are adults and we should have a choice of whether we want to attend the class or not, also shouldn’t there be a major change in the educational system? Something which makes things more interesting and also something which is related to law and also which is helpful ones we are done with our graduation. The sad part about the theoretical education that it is stuffed into our brains and is not at all useful when it comes to applicability of law. If a law student is made to stand in the courts of law, he or she won’t be able to pick up the theoretical knowledge and do any good. This fact is known to every person who is related to the law, but the worst part is, no one raises a voice to bring a change in the same. And, another best part is lawyers who plead justice are not able to do justice to the study of law itself.


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  1. arv! says:

    Changes are one of the hard decisions… which no one likes to take!


    1. Naiyyas says:

      I agree with you Arv!

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  2. Oh, didn’t know this trouble prevailed in law education also. Glad that I had no compulsory attendance in college. 😉


    1. Naiyyas says:

      Yes, Jatin that is something which is too bad and also nice to hear that your college doesn’t has compulsory attendance.


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