A Monday Morning

47394-cabins-on-the-green-field-1920x1080-nature-wallpaperMonday mornings are full of sadness because the fact that the weekend is over is hard to digest. The hangover of the weekend has yet not gone and you have lots of work on your head which needs to be done.

It was dawn and I had to start my day with gym because I had promised my trainer that I will surely show up in the morning and also promised that I will miss my dinner which usually consisted of some good Punjabi cuisine, but now it consists of boiled eggs and boiled veggies. Life already boils me and on the other hand the food which I have is no less.

I picked up myself and got ready for the gym with some sleep still left in my eyes and an apple in my hand, I headed towards my gym and afterwards towards my college. I hate Mondays more because it means meeting two most boring professors of this semester.

I entered the room; it was empty because ones in a blue moon, I tend to reach early to my college. I had planned to read my favourite book written by Fali. S. Nariman. Since, I am going through a heart break because the love of my life left me, I am planning to focus on my dreams and my career.

The professor as usual was giving the most boring lecture. He focuses more on his pronunciation because the subject which he teaches is that of International Law and he has taken the word international too seriously. He is someone who can make you sleep even if you have slept for twelve hours a night before, how talented? Isn’t it.

As he was reciting his boring lecture which he seemed to have crammed a night before or just a few minutes ago in the morning, a bee entered the class room and I was actually praying that the honey bee bites the professor. The reason I did so was because then he would surely leave the class not only for the day but also for the next day because how can a professor bitten by honey bee take any lecture?

Sadly, she or he, (I really don’t know anything about the gender of this bee) being the friend of the professor didn’t bit him.

P.S I have written this story during the lecture. 


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