A girl full of life

She has a glittering smile, she laughs her heart out and she won’t be sorry if she falls down while laughing. Her friends think that the kid in her will never leave her and they are not very proud of her single hood but she is too proud to tell everyone about her Ex and her next. But, her friends are so blessed to have her in their lives as they think that she has proved every definition of friendship right. She loves alcohol, coffee and lassi more than anything else, her friends added by saying she makes sure that her clothes are never hungry and makes them eat and drink too. The madness in her keeps oozing out but she will be the happiest person with everything she has, she thinks that though less in number her friends are gems that she has been able to procure just because of a blessing called love. She was dressed in perfectness but her friends told me the truth that she loves to wear shots and guy T-shirts which she has in great number in her wardrobe. She wants to travel to various places all alone.

Her love for travel is unending, which can be easily made out from the pictures that hang in her room. She loves her tanned face, though her friend told me that she has a fair color, but her travels have left her with a brown skin. She loves writing about her travel adventures and also about her secret travel charms that she has.

When you ask her about her favorite song she will come up with a long list of Punjabi songs like that of Wakhra Swag and Proper Patola. Her love for reading is unending and I could make this out from the collection of books she has managed to get at such a young age. The girl has an altogether different charm, she strives to be what she actually wants to be and that is what makes you fall in love with her.

P.S. I got to meet her at one of the seminars which I luckily got to attend. She taught me that you should take life as it comes and keep smiling because that’s the only way one should lead life.



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