The Confused Maggi & the changing times

original1.696075.2I am a 90’s kid and at that point of time maggi was a treat, such a treat that having maggi was the best thing in life. Those times were different we as kids used to enjoy eating street food which consisted of Golgappas, Pav Bhaji, Burger (which was fried, and much different than that of McDonalds), having lays once in a week was the best thing. The only junk food that was cooked consistently was Maggi.

The advertisement of magic was like a dog being shown a bone, but is allowed to have it just once in a week or maybe twice a month. The days on which maggi was served to me they were perfect days and others a bit less perfect. I remember the advertisement used to say, ‘2 minutes mein ready maggi maggi maggi’, but my mom used to take as many as 30 minutes to make that 2 minutes maggi this question was something which used to haunt my mind every now and then when I was a kid because waiting for 30 minutes for something as yummy as maggi was a hard job in itself. But now as I have grown and at least know how to make maggi I understood the secrets behind mumma’s maggi besides the Punjabi desi ghee tadka that the maggi underwent it was also cooked with all sorts of vegetables which I used to hate as a kid. But I can still imagine my face when I used to wait for maggi and used to sneak into the kitchen every minute with all sorts of questions. I used to be confused that why that lady in the advertisement used to lie that it just takes two minutes to cook maggi instead it took thirty damn minutes for the thing to get read.

That was my time and today when I see kids just having junk food and nothing else, I am like they are missing a lot of things in their life. We as kids were never obese, we used to eat somewhat healthy and play a lot. When I say playing it didn’t mean to play xbox or mobile games, it meant going out and playing Kabbadi, football, chain-chain and everything else that existed. I am too proud and lucky that I was born in 90’s.



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  1. arv! says:

    This is sign of changing times! Outdoor activities have taken a backseat thanks to easy access to tech and gadgets, lack of playing fields, ‘future heavy ‘ oriented courses! I guess we all have to accept these changes despite all the flip side


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