Things to do when you miss your sibling

1. Wear their clothes

That’s the best way and it really works. You can feel the fragrance of their body and perfume, both at the same time. It’s like your sibling walks with you almost all the time. (I have a no of T-Shirts and sweat shirts which are smuggled from Canada by my brother for this very purpose.)

2. Put up their pictures in your room

This one is wonderful, you can see them every time you enter your heavenly room and you tend to miss them less. ( I have tons of pictures of my brother in my room and I feel as if he has been with me always.)

3. Sleep supervision-clipart-sleep
If you are missing them like he’ll and you have tears in your eyes, the only way to get out of this emotional trauma is to go to sleep. Now, why I am not asking you to call them up is because if you cry on the call, your sibling would also feel sad. (You can dream about you and your sibling have fun together, like eating your favorite cuisine in your favorite restaurant.)

4. Write stories about the best times that you have had together


This one surely makes you cry.

5. Collect some money and go visit their place

This one is bit difficult, but there is no harm in trying.

6. Write letters to them

IMG_20151128_165034Yes, this one is the best!
P.S. I am composing this post because I possess an experience of two and a half years of being away from the only love of my lifespan, my brother.


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