In a mess: Tamasha Movie Review

imagesYou will cry out hard when you will see the first part of the movie, Wait! Not because of the reason that the movie is emotional, but because it’s too boring to digest. At one point of time you tend to think that either you are a fool that you are not able to understand the movie or the movie is trying to make a fool of you. Most of you will give up till this part of the movie ends and would prefer to walk out in the interval.

So, my suggestion would be that you should skip the first forty minutes of the movie and just know a bit about the first part that Deepika Padukone & Ranbir Kapoor met in a country, hanged together, promised not to meet ever again and in between, the whole scenario Deepika falls in love and the best part is that she stays in love for as long as four years.

The movie could be short, I know Ranbir Kapoor is hot, but sadly you cannot tolerate him for this long because he has not done any good for the movie. The movie has a learning behind it, but it is sort of messed up and not at all sorted.

Now, the real question should you go and watch the movie? Only if you are a movie freak, to the heart core Ranbir Kapoor fan or you are too free to watch anything. A big no, don’t waste so much money, I am sure this movie will soon be on television. So, you won’t miss the boredom anyway.

Things that you get to learn from this movie
From the whole mess that the movie portrays there is one thing that we eventually get to learn that is that we should do the thing that we either think that we can do or the thing which we love. The Indian parents should stop smashing their aspirations and dreams on their kids. It just leaves the kids in frustration and irritation. A kid who wants to be a writer, but because his parents want him to be an engineer, he is thrown into the rat race and though he is able to become one but he is not able to love his life. Let the kid fly for what he dreams, let him achieve his dreams and make sure that you teach him one thing that whatever he does, he should try to reach the top and be happy. Also, he shpuld learn to be contended with whatever he has.


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