Materialistic Childhood and adulthood

indexThe sun was about to set and my head was high on what the Indian Labour law deals with. My mom asked me to get some milk from the nearby dairy. I picked up my iPod and headed towards the shop. I was enjoying the mist, sunset and the beautiful songs when I saw two little kids standing beside the road holding tennis rackets. One of them threw the racket away; the other one very politely picked up the racket and said,” Rayan, papa ne kaha hai jab aap bade ho jaoge to apko bhi mere jaisa bada vala racket mil jayega.”(Dad has said, that he will buy the same racket like that of mine, once you grow up) The little one was angry in the cutest of ways and he decided not to play tennis with his elder brother.

While walking towards the dairy, I was smiling because I was missing the time when I was a kid. I also wanted the same thing which my brother had. Even if it wasn’t of any use to me, the only reason I wanted to have the thing was because my elder brother has it. I remember we used to fight for pens, I never used to buy one and instead used to pick one from his school bag. He used to be in anger and I used to chill out by doing, by homework with his pen.

I used to write and complete all his practical files, it was my duty to complete his files. The only reason which he had for made me to this was that my handwriting was good and he was too bad to see. I was smiling and smiling because the kids gave me a flashback of my childhood, the times well spent with my brother.

I just prayed that may the kids always stay together and be blessed with togetherness, happiness and love. Because these are the times, which they are going to miss, the best memories they will share once they are grown up and busy in the world called life.

Also, the other thought which I had was that even now we run behind things which we don’t really need, but the only reason we want those things is so that we can show it off to the people around us. When we buy something we are not contented because we have that thing, we contented because the aunty in our neighborhood would feel jealous.


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