Kovalam- Enjoy the beach life

DSC_0332I live in North India and I was very keen to visit South India. The state I chose was Kerala which is also called as ‘The state of god’ and I completely agree with the title given to this state. My very first destination was Kovalam which is a few miles away from Thiruvananthapuram that is the capital city of the state.

I had my stay in the ‘The Samudra Kovalam Resort’ which is owned by Kerala Tourism. The best thing was the view from my room which was breathless, I could see the long palm trees and the beach. I just threw my luggage, ran towards the sea as if the sea was going to run away somewhere. I faced towards the sea, at the back there were tall palm trees, one side had rocks while the other was an eternal sea.

At night, they serve seaside dinner with live music. That is something you should not miss at all.

Things to do when in Kovalam
1. Sit at the beach and take a sun bath
2. Take a bath in the sea. Yes, you got to taste that too salty sea water. It will leave you dead for a second.
3. Eat seafood- There are plenty of bars and restaurants besides the sea, which serve fresh sea food and beer.
4. At night, don’t forget to have a seaside dinner. The moon, the sea waves, the darkness and the good food make everything worth it.
5. You can hire a motor boat and roam around in the sea.
6. Go for long walks besides the sea, you will love every bit of it.

How much time you need to give to this place?
If you are planning to visit other places in Kerala then you can give a day or 48 hours, but if you are planning to relax, then you can surely plan to stay here for 4 days.



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  1. nishej.f says:

    kerala is well known as god’s own country not as state of god. bcz of there is huge different between both mentioned above…u did great job…visit again dear.

    thanks & regards
    Nishej francis


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