Things to do at Kanyakumari

Kanyakumari is a place in Tamil Nadu, India. It is the southernmost tip of India. The place is a coastal area and you can easily spend minimum of one day or maximum of two days at this place.
1. The sunset & sunrise


There is a tower from where the view of the sunset is amazing. The clouds, the sun, the sea and the music of the waves, makes it a beautiful altogether.

2. Vivekananda Rock Memorial

There is a long queue for getting the ticket, but you can always get the VIP tickets to cut the line which is a bit costly. A steamer takes you to the island where the memorial is situated. It is said that on this very island Swami Vivekananda meditated for days together. The view of the memorial is worth seeing and is something which should not be missed.
3. Padmanabhapuram Palace

A palace made from wood. You should visit this place if you love visiting historical places.
4. Thiruvalluvar Statue

Once you are at the sunset tower you can see this statue very easily. At night, the view is worth seeing.
5. Go for a walk beside the sea

The water is blue, its clean and the cool winds are something which you should enjoy.
6. Have street food
Along the seaside there are a lot of markets and street vendor. You should try masala vada and Mirch ka Pakoda. They are yummy and a must have.
7. Mahatma Gandhi Memorial

This place is something which reminds you about the father of the nation. You should visit this place if you love to read about Mahatma Gandhi.
8. Bagavathi Amman Temple  

This should be something which you should not miss. It is a temple which has its own beauty. The structure of the temple is made from black rock and there are deals all over for lights. It is a beautiful old temple built with stone.
9. Sit on the rocks beside the sea
Something which you will love doing. Love the tranquil and peaceful scene.
10. See the street shops
You will find more of wooden stuff or pearl jewellery.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. I did not quite like Kanyakumari when i went visiting with my family and especiallly found vivekananda rock memorial too hyped..i would not ahve spent 2 hours in the queue for sure, If i had known what I would be experiencing after i got to the rock!!


    1. Naiyyas says:

      Hey, It is a place where you can travel once in your lifetime. And, the Vivekananda memorial is just fine to enjoy the cool winds and the scenery . Moreover, as I have mentioned in the blog post, I was lucky enough to escape the long queue. Thanks! 🙂


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