Heartwarming goodbyes

a904877119995240141416915969641It was a Sunday morning, cold and misty. I had to board a train to New Delhi, that was the only reason that I had to spoil my Sunday morning by waking up so early. I took a bath, got ready like I was going to climb a mountain soon. I was wearing so many clothes that if someone would have kicked me, I was not in a position to get up, but that was the only option to save myself from the dreadful cold weather.

I reached the platform and the train was yet to arrive. I wasn’t sure if I was on the right platform, I gathered some courage and asked one of the passengers if I was on the right platform. He not only told me that I was on the right platform, but also wished me good luck for my journey. It made me think that the world is not that bad, there are good strangers who can make you smile right in the morning.

As the morning was cold, I couldn’t feel my hands, the wind was tearing my body apart, the platform was in a chaos because the train which everyone was to board had a stoppage of only five minutes. When the train arrived, everyone was in a rush, I was at peace because I knew I would hop in anyhow. I was lucky enough to be at peace because I could realize that someone has said it right, the best kisses and see offs take place at the airports or railway stations.

While I was one of the last passengers to board the train, I was lucky enough to get hold of some heart warming see offs. A mother telling her young son to be bold enough at one of the camps which he was going to attend. A husband telling his wife that he will come back soon and he will miss her, with his hands on her face making her feel the warmth of his love. A dad handling over her daughter the luggage and her little baby.

It was cold, but I could feel the warmth and coziness of emotions all around me. And, then the train started heading towards the destination leaving behind some tears, some smiles and a lot of hope.


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