Life in a Metro

indexInterning with a law firm is not that easy, there are a lot of things which need to be kept in mind. Everything is formal from what you wear to how you breathe. My second day of internship was about to come to an end and I had managed to have a number of friends. While one of them wanted to smoke, all of us accompanied him to a nearby cigarette vendor. In between all the smoke, they started inquiring that where was I putting up and how was I traveling to office. When I told them that I was traveling by auto rickshaw, they were all in awe and at once decided that they all will make sure that I travel by metro that evening.

I left the office with lots of proposition in my head and with an excitement to travel in a metro. It’s not that I had never traveled in a metro before, but going with co-interns seemed like a plan. I got on the train from Govind Puri metro station and it was moderately good, it was fun, chatting with your acquaintances and making certain that you giggle about everything which took place at the office. The station from where I had to change my train, seemed like there were just heads, people were running as if there was some emergency, though there was none. I stood there in between the crowd doing nothing, just observing the people and the way they were running. One thing was clear the people were in a mad race to reach various destinations and the only aim which they had in their head was to rush in the metro even if it’s just slightly inside the door of the metro.

I got into the train anyhow, it was jam packed and I couldn’t move till the next station. Nothing was visible except the black, white, red and golden heads. The girls who had long hair had to take special care that people while de-boarding the train don’t take their hair along. There were so many people that if you have to get down, you had to start making preparations like making sure that you are near the door and also asking the person in front of you if he or she was also getting down. People on every station used to push themselves in the metro as if a mother was forcing in a extra prantha in her child’s lunch box. At one of the stations, people used to start cribbing because everyone knew that they are going to be pushed in very badly.

I hated it in the beginning, but eventually I fell in love with traveling by metro. Whatever, it was by the end of my internship, I got used to that chaos and was almost a part of it.


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