We judge and get judged

12043081_500483333447003_7895238942013106800_nThat’s so apt, we judge others and everyone judges us. This phrase or these words are hovering over my head from more than a month. Later on, after around hundred rounds of self discussion and thinking, I was able to arrive at some weird conclusions about this word called ‘judge’. Judging people is necessary because you need to know that if you can be friends with a particular person or if a particular person is good enough to be part of your life or not. We can’t call this sort of judging to be bad because that is somewhat necessary because we are the owners of our own lives and so we are at liberty to choose that who can be part of our lives and who cannot be.

What is bad with judging is the assumed results of that judgement. Some of the examples which come to my mind are that if a girl smokes or is an alcoholic, she is assumed to be of not a good character. Well! Something which is hard to digest is that how can alcohol or smoke make a person’s character go bad instead if you would have made a judgement that the person would be having a bad liver or kidney because of such habits is somewhat acceptable.

A girl who wears shots is not cultural, to the people who think so, let me tell you that wear them ones they are the most comfortable clothes that exist on the face of this earth. And, yes, our culture is more about being kind, honest and respectful.

It would have been good if we would judge a person from the way he/she behaves with others. The way she cares, the way he makes everything so lively, the way she dreams, the way he makes sure that everyone in his little universe is happy. I think judging a person on such parameters would have been much better.

The only point is, I am not saying that judging is bad, the only point is assumed results of an action or habit is bad.


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  1. arv! says:

    What you write makes sense, but human behavior is human behavior… After all!
    Like our habits…. Difficult to do away with.


  2. Alok Singhal says:

    So true, I guess it is in our culture…but then people have to change themselves!


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