Our Impossible love by Durjoy Datta- Book Review

DSC_0183 I am not that much into books, but I am trying to develop reading habits these days because for an aspiring lawyer and a writer, reading is somewhat important. I was walking down a street when I saw this book from Durjoy Datta called Our Impossible Love, I am a very genuine follower of Durjoy Datta on Instagram and that made me buy this book.
I read that book in just 2 days, in just four to five hours, I am telling you this to give you an idea that how amazing and mesmerizing the book is. It so very deals with today’s scenario teenage, sex, relationships, studies, gender choice, parents, success, failure, siblings and what not. Somewhere in the middle of the book, you can relate to that book.

The story is about a teenage girl named Aisha. Now, Aisha has a very beautiful character in the book, she is dusky but she is smart because her inner beauty makes everyone fall in love with her. The author here has tried to focus on the concept of being beautiful internally and not externally. Now, that’s something which every kid who is dark or dusky has to undergo because almost everyone of us has this very embarrassing and shameful thought that being whitish in color is being beautiful. Being dark, dusky, whitish is not in anyone’s hand, but being kind, honest and respectful is in our hands and that is what matters. So, the author delivers the message of being in love with oneself.

Aisha falls in love with a guy called Vibhor who is also his brother’s best friend and a footballer. Vibhor is smart, well built, rich and has everything which makes him a dream guy of every girl. Being his girl was what every girl in their school dreamt and Aisha thought herself to be the luckiest because she got a chance to date him. In between all this she is raped by her own bf because he has sex with her without her consent when she was intoxicated on her birthday night. She is hurt and broken because she was dead drunk, she didn’t even remember what had happened. She told this to her best friend Namrita.

The other main character is that of Danish, who is in his early twenties. He couldn’t do good in his life and that was a reason his dad got him a job in Aisha’s school as a counselor. Though not an achievement when it came to studies, but he banged it as a counsellor. Aisha took him as his best friend and shared almost everything with him. Danish somewhere falls in love with this young and beautiful girl, but is happy that she found the love of her life in Vibhor. Danish could figure out the change in Aisha’s behavior after her b’day party. He doubted if Vibhor did something wrong to her. His doubts were right when Namrata’s bf told him the truth. He went to Aisha’s home and made sure that she told everyone the truth. Also, he helped her in surviving the after effects of telling the truth.

Aaisha tells the truth to everyone and the best part is her family stands with her. They also file a suit against Vibhor but due to lack of evidence, the decision was against them. Since Aisha was in school and Vibhor was the captain, he had a say in everything, the common students at school were influenced by him and his friend circle. Students at schools started calling Aisha by the name of slut, day in and day out it was difficult for her to survive at school. But then she had the support of the best people in the world Namrata, Norbhu, Danish and her family. The way they make things work for her was commendable.

Another very important thing discussed in the book is the sibling relationship. On one hand, there are Aisha and her brother while on the other Danish and his brother. The author has picked up both sides of a siblings relationship. Danish and his brother share a really nice bond. Danish’s brother is a successful businessman while Danish had not tasted success ever till he helped Aisha to fight for her rights and stand up for herself. On the other hand Aisha and her brother had so many misunderstandings during their childhood but as they grew they were able to get along well. That is somewhat the truth these days and every person falls either in one basket or the other.

Another twist in the story is that Aisha’s brother is a gay. The best part is everyone accepted this fact and also accepted, the guy as part of the family.

It’s a book which makes you fall in love with yourself. It gives you reasons to accept yourself the way you are. It explains and shows you the way to eternity.



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  1. pjpriyanshi says:

    Beautifully expressed

    Liked by 2 people

  2. You shld try his “If it’s not forever, it’s not LOVE” book. It made me believe in true love…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Naiyyas says:

      Hey, thanks for recommending the book. I really liked it. 🙂


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