And, then there were just memories- Neerja

Neerja- Movie Review

The movie is about a young girl who is an air hostess and a model, both at the same time. She is the only girl child of her parents and the only sister of her two brothers. The young girl is independent, she knows how to keep her life on track. She is a true inspiration.It’s painful to see a 23 year old young and beautiful girl die, leaving behind her parents, brothers and her love. The girl who had her own little universe and was everything for everyone around her. The movie begins on a happy note, but ends on the saddest. The acting by Sonam Kapoor is a hats off performance; she has done it in the best of the ways. The way they have kept it short and true is praiseworthy. It could not have been better because it was the best.

I could relate the movie with my life because she was ambitious. She had a lot of dreams and was juggling too many goals altogether. She had a zeal for life and her giggles were the music to everyone’s ears. She was the apple of everyone’s eyes and she was the world to her mother. Also, she was about to celebrate her 23 rd birthday and she was excited for it, so much so that everyone around her had presents ready for her birthday. She was the heart throb of her family. I was in tears because somewhere I am also about to be 23 years and I am also the heart throb of my family. I could feel the pain of her family, the void with which she left them. The void which no one could fill. The pain of separation which would have torn everyone apart. neerja-box-office-collections-1

But, the girl was a warrior it was because of her that the hijackers weren’t successful in their mission. It was her presence of mind that she was able to save the lives of so many people. The girl is an inspiration to millions and is a true soldier, a martyr who will always remain alive in the hearts of the people.

You should watch this movie with your parents
The best decision of my life was to watch it with my parents. Yes, at one point of time all three of us had tears in our eyes. I could actually see my dad and mom crying because they could actually relate to the story. The way I run from one work to another, not seeing my parents for days together though living in the same house. It was an experience in itself. The movie made us fall in love with each other and made us realize that we should value the time that we spend together. So, I would suggest all of you to pick up your parents and watch this movie along with them.


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