I lost him and it was unbearable

I was facing the most depressed times of my life when I decided to adopt a white rat, my friend made sure that he could help me adopt one. I bought him home & his tethering sound used to wake me up day in and day out. I used to play with him & sometimes I used to ignore him because of paucity of time. 

It was for four years that he stayed with us and one fine day he left me. I cannot forget that day, I was sleeping just next to him and I could hear the pain with which he went. I being his mom could feel the pain, he died at four in the morning. I couldn’t stop myself from crying, it was like I was sad for the days I ignored him. I could actually go into a flashback, the way he used to eat all the fruits, the cute yawn he used to take when he used to wake up, the way he used to run all around the house. For the world he was just a rat for my family, he was a part of all of us.

I could remember how my kid traveled with me to places and how nicely he managed all his travels, how nicely he used to eat rice, pizza, cherry and parathas. The way he had turned fat and we used to make him walk around the house so that he could lose some weight.

The morning he died, it was hard for me to accept that he has gone. The hardest part was to pick up his dead body, it was the heaviest thing that I ever picked up in my life. We buried him in the backyard of our house, the place where I buried him, I still feel his presence.

Because you left me & everyday when I cross that cross way, I miss you. To people out there, ones in a life time do adopt a pet.


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