Some people can make you feel naked even when you are covered

10987481_555804441248225_7710240842672513734_nThat’s ironical altogether, but yes, people have those killer looks, worse than an x-ray machine, I suppose. They actually make you feel as if you forgot to wear clothes. We all have come across such perverts, but the real question is Why do such kind of people exist & was there brought up such that no one taught them to respect girls? And another very big question is do they stare their mother & sister in the same manner?  Another question which haunts me day in & day out is, How will they respect the girl who gets tied to them? I am using the word tied because the word marrying is odd too odd to use because who will marry such a guy, probably a girl who sadly had no other option or probably couldn’t find out the real boy hidden in a man.

They are those people who will tell the girls that the world is not safe for girls because in the end they are girls. They are those people who won’t allow a girl to go out and work because they think that every guy is a pervert like they are.

But, I would like to clear things. There is a way you look at a girl and you got to learn it because no one gave you a right to make her feel uncomfortable. Secondly, it’s a girl’s soul which demands respect. Yes, this needs to be made clear you don’t need to look at her clothes and make judgments that if you will respect her or not. Oh! She is wearing a suit- seems to be Sanskri girl, I got to respect her. Oh! This chick is wearing a short skirt, she must be a slut. Let me check her out in, out, left, right, front and back. Thirdly, stop assuming that if you are a pervert every other guy on this planet is one.

I love wearing shorts, skirts & one piece dresses, but dare you stare at me because before I wear them, I am trained to pick up the weights, kick hard and smash  faces.

Yours unfaithfully,

to all the perverts out there.

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