Beer mugs are cool, lets wear them this summer

IMG_20160422_213541Hot summer days are back, these are the days when you feel like wearing the most comfortable clothes on the face of this earth. Well! My all time favourite tees are those which have something interesting written or drawn on it. Yes, it makes me feel positive and looks cool altogether. 

One fine day, while scrolling down the posts on Instagram, I got hold of this company called Beingbachelor (Yes, I must tell you I fell in love with the name, it’s damn interesting in the end who doesn’t love to be a bachelor, that’s the only reason bachelorette parties are such a game.)

The best tee which I found was one with a beer mug because I can wear it to my college & be a stunt woman, I can wear it when out for a date with my girls or any other place because it’s stunning. Another favorite tee out their available with them is one which says go green(winks), another one is related to coffee and they have tee which have minions drawn on it too.

I chose the one with a beer mug because it’s catchy. In this hot summer if I cannot drink one I can wear one and feel some cool vibes to survive in this summer.

And sorry I forgot to mention that it’s not just that girls can wear the beer mug tee, it’s also available for the guys. Hi5, I hope you guys enjoy wearing such tees & try being cooler this summer.

Quality check- The quality of cotton is really good, you can easily wear it not because it’s a cool & funky but also because it’s soft and comfortable. Isn’t it cherry to the cake?

Price check- It’s for just Rs 699/- (They have an offer running where they are giving Rs 100/- off.)

Head over towards for buying all the cool tees. Till then I am ordering my next tee probably the one which talks about coffee. See you soon!



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  1. arv! says:

    looks great. you can even accessorize it with beer inspired fastrack watches! 🙂


    1. Naiyyas says:

      Thanks Arv & yes idea of wearing a beer watch along is superb!

      Liked by 1 person

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