Because bad times are not bad, they are just lessons so that we value the good

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I was done with my afternoon party which consists of high music, high thoughts and in between all this, a bit of snuggles. I got ready for my office, as always, was not in a mood to get ready so I preferred wearing the most loose clothes available in my wardrobe. I told my mom that I was leaving for the office and she informed me that there was a call from dad’s office saying that he was not there at the office and has gone for some check up, I assured her that he will be back (because I know he cannot live without me, obviously he will come back.)

Hoping for, I jumped into my car and drove to my office. I was about to start my work when my mom called me up, she was in tears and my heart skipped a beat, she told me that I need to come back home and we need to go on a mission of finding my dad. I was astonished, I have seen people hunting for their little ones, but I must be the first one hunting for the eldest one, my dad. As the day was heading towards dusk, in my hearts of hearts my thoughts were frightening me.

Somewhere in my gut I knew he would be surely back but, on the other hand a thought came if he didn’t. I didn’t cry because I knew I had to make sure that I remained strongest at that moment. I could see all those happy moments with him, morning snuggles, pulling his cheeks, kissing him, irritating him, telling him not to do things, telling him to get his hair colored, fighting with him for all the non sense reasons, making sure that his princess could rule the world those ludo sessions, those hi5, sleeping all over him and those hugs. That day I actually regretted the moments that I fought with him and the moments which I missed spending with him.

In between all these thoughts he came back home and he told us that he had just gone to see the doctor for a regular check up and his mobile phone’s battery went off.

But those three hours taught me a lot. I could actually feel the love for him and feel those killer vibes. Not only this, I could see the people who care because all of my three best friends in the city and the ones beyond stood strong with me. It was like in this whole big world, I hand those hands on my shoulder, which made me feel that everything will be fine. In the end, bad times are not that bad because they bring you a little closer to people who care for you.

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  1. Bad times do help one realize who your true friends are and who really cares. It also helps bring back a lot of treasured memories and teaches some really valuable lessons. I’m glad your Dad was safe.

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