Because somewhere writing makes you feel complete

cropped-dsc_0162.jpgWhen you only have a dark sky, twinkling stars & the moon as your soul partner. Those are the times when you feel that you are alone, but eventually you become friends with yourself, you start talking to yourself and that’s the time you interrogate, self retrospect & you are empathetic towards no one else but yourself. The loneliness which once killed you, I will call it being alone but then when you walk down that road of being alone to being lonely, you actually fall in love because there is nothing but peace, it’s like there is a ground filled with flowers & you are the princess of that land.

At school, I was a different kid, not interested in the word sex, boyfriends, beauty, style, fashion and gossips. But that was a thing which interested every other freaking kid at school, for me it was a waste of time instead I took up reading and writing. I focused on my game (yes, I am a national level gold medalist in roller hockey) and on my studies. Having a friend in school was just a person with whom I could have my lunch and if I couldn’t find anyone, I would simply sit in the corner of the library have my lunch and read books, the librarian knew that I was a different kid so she used to manage things with me. I used to bunk classes to sit near the skating rink & write my diary for the previous day. I am writing my diary when I was in the first standard, reading what I wrote or drew then is fun now. I actually wrote stories about everyone around me. Till my eighth standard, I barely had friends, but after that I had friends who were like me and it was fun to have such friends.

When I grew up, I got to know about this concept of having a blog. That’s when I started blogging, I just shared about how life was when I was depressed, when you change cities and you don’t have someone to hold on. So, the sole reason I started writing was the pain in me, I had no one with whom I could share my pain so I took up writing as a way, as a platform where I could pour all my sorrows. Little I knew back then that it was not only about sorrows but also about all the joys, observations, stories and lots more.

Now, when I visit my blog which I have built on my own, bits by bits, I actually feel as if I am standing high on a cliff where the wind blows, that soothing  feeling is what I get when I see my blog.



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  1. deliberately defined loneliness , keep living in that way and keep blogging, god bless 🙂


  2. We have some similarities, about not interested in things others are freaking about, having lunch alone, reading and writing. Of course, I don’t have that National Level Player tag. 🙂

    Your last line about the blog is what I feel coming back to my blog every single time. A feeling that’s probably best left undefined….only to be felt.


    1. Naiyyas says:

      Hi5 for we have similarities. I know the feeling of having a blog, it makes you feel complete. 🙂

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