It’s not about being white or tall, it’s about being confident and honest

DSC_0278I never knew being all white or too tall was being beautiful

After a number of travels, I was clear on one thing that you get tanned and that duskiness stays. When I was back from my first solo travel, I was completely in love with myself that I didn’t even feel inch of my tanning, but yes  people around me used to tell me that I have gone black. It was like I am dusky, but I got to live a life of a black woman maybe not a complete black but yeah a bit black.

I enjoyed that colour, I don’t know why, but it was beautiful. People on the other hand used to make me feel that I am not beautiful because I am black. Now, to all those who are not white and are shades of black, so what? If you and I are black we got to be beautiful, intelligent and honest. We need to wear the best of the clothes and look stunning, wear makeup if you feel like, embrace that black colour and never wear makeup to hide your black colour instead wear it to make your skin look smooth & surreal, remember make up is an art so there is nothing bad in it. Be confident, never bow your neck down in that hard feeling that you are black. Remember, it’s something you cannot change and beauty lies within just don’t forget this thing ever.

The other day I heard my mom talking about a guy who was too short and was bullied at school because he was not tall. I felt bad for those whom I made feel short by dancing every now and then that I am tall. I actually realized that our physical appearances is something that we cannot change and making fun of them is nothing but stupidity instead we should try and look  for other qualities in a person.

I remember I met this girl in Jaipur who was black and she was utterly conscious about it but she was beautiful when it came to her eyes, lips, hair and inner beauty. She used to dress up in such a perfect manner that used to give an embarrassment to a white woman.

Being beautiful is not being white or tall instead it’s being full of confidence, being respectful and honest. It’s your smile which is an explanation to your beauty!

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4 Comments Add yours

  1. Truth spoken… loved the piece!!


    1. Naiyyas says:

      Thanks Gargi 🙂


  2. Jasmeet Grewal says:

    Very well said. Our skin will get wrinkled after a passage of time. Our beauty will be vanished away in the figures of our age. We know superficial beauty is temporary ironically we all witness its important. That’s something irrational. Core beauty is inside our soul. How we treat others, how humble we are and many more things. So be who you are and be confident.


    1. Naiyyas says:

      True that! Thanks Jasmeet 🙂


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