Stop the rat race instead let it be a run to catch your dreams

Girl Tattoo Quotes 1Because you are not a rat, you are a human, Please behave like one!

Exam time is more or less the best time when you think about your dreams, goals, rat race and everything in between. I was back after giving my exam, my shoulder was paining as I had taken up the challenge of filling the thirty six pages from top to bottom, challenge was accepted my Lord, I became an author for three hours. Done with my exam, I had an appointment with my doctor. I and mom are sorted on one thing that we cannot wait for long hours in the queue, so we make sure that we are the first ones to knock on his door, as the principle laid down by us we reached the place almost one and a half hours before. A lady arrived around one hour after us and tried to jump the line in order to take the first token, I saw mom was about to lose the war for first coupon, though I knew she won’t but I didn’t want it to go verbal so I intervened and stared at the young lady with her daughter.  I am a budding lawyer and probably we lawyers know how to tell people with our stares that look dude, you need to stop or things are going to go bad. I won the race of getting the first token, I and mom were so proud of each other.

We had to wait for another hour and so till the doctor arrived, the lady showed us that she was a big show off. She tried to show us that how disciplined she was and how obedient her daughter wasn’t. I am sure ones her daughter grows up she is going to tell her mother to either stop being a show off or she herself would become one. While the show off lady was busy talking in English to her daughter who was much interested in talking in Hindi. Another mother, child and father arrived, this family was all cool there daughter was a fun chap running, having fun and chilling out.

The fun loving  mother, though wanted her daughter to learn ethics and be disciplined, but wanted her daughter to have the best of fun in her life. On the other hand the other mother called up the mother of her daughter’s classmate and told her that my kid has been chosen as the star of the class. She was a big show off making the mother on the other side feel ashamed that she couldn’t make her kid the star of the class. I could actually feel that her girl was a rat and her mother was standing with a whip asking her to run even at the doctors place she had brought a drawing book making sure that her kid wins the rat race when  a drawing competition is held though her daughter was much interested in being notorious.

The other mother was busy loving her girl and making sure she was smiling, the happy girl was busy climbing her dad as if he was a mountain and her dream was to climb the mountain, the mother wanted her girl to achieve this dream of climbing her dad who was tall enough for the girl to climb, She wanted her to be a dream catcher and not rat race runner.

While driving back home, the only thing I could think of was how some people just forget their dreams and instead become a rat race runner. Hey, there is a difference to run behind your dreams or goals and to be a rat race runner. You are passionate and ambitious when you run behind your dream,  but you are just a hungry dude when you are a rat, maybe just doing what your parents want you to do because you don’t have any stand of yours.
“Remember, you are a free bird, build your wings and fly, catch your dreams.”

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  1. gursimranpal says:

    Hey I want you to put up some motivation thing because I am not able to study for a single hour since one month and I have my pmt exam too next year


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