Don’t give false hope, generously kind people build dreams over them

Girl-in-misery-sad-alone-upset-sitting-image-pic-1000x623Walking on hot summer days is not at all a good idea, but sometimes when you are done with the studies you got to walk down a road so that you can take in more of law, yeah, it’s like food you got to chew every act and every law to get average marks in your bachelors in law. While I was all the more sad about it being theoretical, I came across a girl who was crying badly. I sat down with her and tried to console her. She screamed as if the world was over, as if her soul was ripped apart.

When she came back to her senses after around two hours of crying, she narrated her story to me. She told me that her boyfriend had gotten married a year ago and she got to know this today. She told me that he dated her for that one year when he was married. I was in shock and I literally abused in every language that I know.

She told me about the dreams that they saw together, the hopes that he had given her and the dreamy world that she had built upon those hopes. She was shattered because her dreamy world was scattered because the hope that the guy gave her was false.

How can anyone give such hopes to someone when you know you cannot fulfil it? How can you use a person, make that person attached to you and leave? How can you do that, aren’t you a human who feels guilty? I was actually thinking all this when she said that the guy belonged to a different caste he was a Jatt whereas the girl was a Hindu. The answer to this question is did the girl changed her caste after coming into the relationship; he knew her caste from the very first day. If you cannot stand for your love in front of your family you don’t have the right to love, you don’t have any right to ruin lives just because you like someone.

Everyone out there don’t give false hope to anyone, it scatters a person. Come on, if you really loved a person, you should have it in you to stand for that person in front of your family and if you don’t I’ve this much guts you don’t love, don’t love so hard first and then make that person unwanted.

Also, a gentleman and a woman commit and make sure that they fulfil their commitment while  a boy and a girl make promises, just  fake ones. Let’s promise ourselves that if we fall in love with someone that would be with commitment not with false promises. Instead of saying, I love you let’s say it, I am committed to you!

“Remember Karma is a bitch and it leaves no one.”

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4 Comments Add yours

    1. Naiyyas says:

      I am so very obliged 🙂


  1. Team URGID says:

    Yes. You are right. There are many people out there – worse than pigs. Your punch about Karma is awesome.


  2. Swamit Kher says:

    A good read!
    I however disagree with the ‘Karma is a bitch’ statement. When some coincidental instances wherein a supposed ‘wrongdoer’ gets a taste of her own medicine catch our eye, we jump on the ‘what goes around comes around’ bandwagon.
    But karma is the greatest lie ever told. Concepts like innocence, compassion, ethics and of course, karma are all human made and contribute to our existence and evolution. Last year, a woman from an Indian tribe went to fetch some water from a nearby pond. And…

    …a crocodile ate her.

    We make a huge deal of our lives, assuming a system of ‘natural justice’ exists. But the truth is that only in this ‘unnatural’ world we, humans created, we create a chance for phenomena like peace, entertainment and justice to exist.
    How much one conforms to these concepts is a matter of choice, sometimes without consequences.
    Survival of the fittest, I say. If I fall for a person who waters my expectations later, I’d blame myself for being too gullible and learn a lesson to be strong enough not to get too attached again. It is better than blaming the ‘wrongdoer’ and crying over how apathetic some people are.

    The world is unfair. Let’s accept it 🙂

    P.S.: I’d like the author’s opinion on this.

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