Age is just a number, you should set an age in your head and live the way you want to

A1.1.4-freedom_cage_770Because, we should never grow old in our head and be young!

Age is just what tells that it’s been how many years that you have been fighting the war called life. So, it’s just a number and you should never  feel sad for it, this number getting bigger only makes you a stronger person within because with every passing second you become a little stronger.

Does age sets boundaries? Oh! You are fifty, you cannot go to a bar or a disc or you cannot hold a beer bottle or you cannot dance or you cannot shout out loud or can’t behave crazily. And, now how did these thoughts hit my mind? I was out having my favourite Paneer Tikka Subway Salad (Yes, I am a truly yours sought of fan of Paneer Tikka) and then I saw these four ladies in their late thirties or may be early forties, holding their breezer bottles and eating subway. Chatting about Politics in India and World places they got to visit in their coming holidays and how they so very adore each other. I was so proud of them that they weren’t talking about how rich they are or about to be, how their kid topped the class or how their husband adores them. No, they weren’t interested in this crazy rat race of their own or their families. They were just living their lives and chilling out.

Now, did I tell you to get drunk? No, drinking is injurious to health, but my dear readers chilling out isn’t. Live your life the way you want to, breakdown those barriers. Yes, those little jails which you have constructed around  yourself, just fly out and chill. Oh! Did you just had that thought of what people would say? Bahut pehle ek bahut siyana gayak ye kha gaya,  “Kuch to log kahenge, logo ka kam hai kehna.” (People would say something because it’s their hobby to do so)


And, to the young mommies and daddies out there. I know there is hell lot of burden to make your kids settled, to get them married to some sober guy or girl, to make sure that they live their life luxuriously but have you heard about this word called ‘Destiny’. Yes, that’s the word they will surely walk down their destination just be happy, enjoy your life and stand behind them so that when they fall or when they are about to give up, you can pick them up and teach them to walk but remember you cannot walk for them. Yes, that’s the bitter truth of life.

So, my dear beautiful ladies & gentlemen, little kids, sexy teenagers and  a little bit adults. Don’t go on your age number because it’s just a number what matters is the age in your head. Live crazily because I am 23 and yes, I love playing with balloons, showing tantrums to my loved ones and be crazy.

“Lets be 16 forever.”

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  1. Lets be 16 forever!!!! Lovely post 🙂


    1. Naiyyas says:

      Thanks a ton Untraveled Routes. You have a really nice blog!

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Glad you like it……


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