When life hands you a maze to solve, you just need to be patient and keep pushing to make it straight

IMG_20160609_191130I was done with my exams and was too frustrated to deal with. Exams leave you sleepless, bloated, irritated and what not, they basically ruin your daily routine and rip you apart. I had a long to do list which used to hit me every now and then, I was almost crying from inside as well as outside as I wasn’t able to deal with my life. On one hand, I wanted to start going to gym while on the other my mom wanted me to visit my grandmother’s place. Not only this, I wanted to travel to some places which I wasn’t able to plan, my boss gave me two lengthy files to prepare and then I had to pay for a lot of things which was almost a pressure for me.

One fine day, I picked up my diary and wrote all the things which used to hit me every now and then. There was a long list, but it was not so long that it was impossible to do all the things. The plan worked really well for me, the life which seemed to be a maze for me was taking turns and was becoming straight. Firstly, I visited my granny’s place to get rid of the guilt of not visiting my loved ones for seven long months. After that I came back and  I joined my gym. Also, I was able to collect enough money to pay off for everything I needed. Not only this, I was also able to plan my trip in the best of the ways because now I was sorted on everything which used to hit my mind every now and then.

The moral of this blog post is that when there are a lot of things hitting your head, just sit down and make a list of every such thing which disturbs you. Also, make a sequence of things and the ways you can do those things. Because in the end life is a maze and we need to get it straight that too with a broad smile!


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