Living it the rural away- It takes away your sadness!

It was just a week when I had landed in Leh when my team shared with me the thought of staying in a village. The idea seemed to be very exciting in the beginning but eventually it was getting on my nerves.  I had just adjusted  a bit in the new city, with the new people and in the new environment when I had to pack my bags to work in a school in a village.

It was hard  for me to survive in the city, it was a challenge because I was missing home badly, if my parents or friends would have given me an option of taking me back, I would have readily accepted the offer.

I and my team were to pilot a reading camp in a Government school of Egoo, which was an hour away from the city of Leh. The view of the village took away my sadness in a second. The way to the village was something I can never forget, it was mesmerizing. It left me in awe and in my hearts of hearts I was proud of myself that I took such a good decision. We reached the school and we had to start our work, the kids were cute little beings. They were fun to be with and then finally we were told that we are going to stay at a teacher’s place who is from that very village.
She was confused and a bit afraid to have us on board at her place and so was me because she seemed to be a traditional Ladakhi woman. We went to her place in the evening, she took us to a stream nearby with her cattle. It was as if I was seeing the drawing of mountains which I used to draw as a kid in reality, it was as if my imagination had come true. There was nothing else except mountains, stream, rocks, tall trees, green grass and the beautiful music of the water flowing down the rocks. I could take rounds and what I could see is mountains, yellow flowers, some cattle and a few humans.
The place had something in it, it had a silence which I had never felt before. It was something which I would love to feel, but I had never felt. I would close my eyes, I would hear to that music, it was so lyrical and it was so very serene.

To be continued in next blog post…………

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