Travelling solo is a challenge, everyone should accept it

CSC_0468The thought of traveling all alone is a fantasy for all of us. Yes, the pictures which pop up in our head is sitting all alone on the top of the monument and enjoying the silence with no one to eat our yummy head. It’s like you are independent, you can run down roads, behave in whatever way you want to and no one would have the audacity to stop you because in the end no one knows you.

But, let me tell you the other side, it’s not easy to pull it off all alone. From the baggage check ins to boarding a taxi, from setting up your things in a home stay to making sure that you get good food to eat, from managing your finances to making sure that you get to visit all the places in that fixed minimum budget, from buying things for your loved ones to handling yourself to survive in a place where you know no one.

Traveling all alone is not at all about clicking cool selfies by using a selfie stick; it is standing strong in the crowd even when you are missing home and your friends badly. It is telling your mom happily on the phone that you are happy and you are good in every possible way, while inside of your heart you are missing her hard, almost tearing apart to meet her. It is about making things work even when you are ill, you won’t have anyone to ask you a hundred times if you are fine or not, you are responsible for everything.

But then why do people love to jump in this well of traveling to a new place with no one known. It is because we are living our lives in a set pattern in our cities, though a luxurious one, but we cannot turn our necks, according to our will because we are so busy living something called life. Traveling alone gives you wings to come out of this set pattern, you get to do new things, you get to think of problems which are different from everyday problems that you face in your own city.

Remember its tough and hard but it’s worth it!


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  1. Vikas Kumar says:

    It’s always good to have someone in your travel or journey. But it’s best to travel alone. Find your place in vast nature and feel to be a part of something beautiful that God created.
    Nice article. Thumbs up.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Naiyyas says:

      Thanks a ton Vikas!


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