The challenges that you face when you live it the rural way

Life in a Ladakhi Village


The very thought of doing it the rural way is damn exciting but it’s not easy.  Leaving all your luxuries behind you have to live your life in the most non-luxurious ways. The word rural life gives us goosebumps, those small little huts, unending green fields and the stream. It’s like all the dreams that you had seen about traveling are going to come true.  Living it the rural way,  isn’t easy,  it’s a challenge because you have to live a rough and tough life.

We are used to the washrooms which have proper seats, running water, toilet paper, some good fragrance,  but in the rural areas there is a room with a hole in it and you have to manage everything in that hole. When I saw it for the first time, using it was a mission and when I used the loo, it was as if the mission was accomplished. I remember dancing after using the loo because it almost seemed to be impossible. Eventually, I got used to the washrooms but in the beginning, it was a very big challenge.

Now, another thing is bathing because you won’t find proper bathing rooms. You either take a wash in the river or in some temporary bathing room. Do it anyway, it’s an experience and it’s fun.


The best thing about living in rural areas is you are disconnected from the world. Yes, your phone won’t work, you do not have to  attend phone calls and internet, what’s that? Nothing like this exists in this region. You enjoy the peace sometimes, but the other times you miss a lot of things.


There are no restaurants or hotels out there. So, if you don’t like the local food being served at the home stay, you got to eat it because got to survive. But, yes, you have a scenic view so you can make your own natural resort by using rocks, trees and homely food.

Last but not the least, you will find plenty of bugs which will give you all sorts of memorable bites.

In my next blog post, I will tell you the things that you can do in a rural Ladakhi village. See you around!

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