Climbing mountains is amazing- Do it at least once in a lifetime

IMAG2265We were done with our reading camp at the Government High School, Egoo which is near Leh. The place had a magnificent view because it was a valley and the only things which you could see all around you was sky touching mountains, lush green tall trees, small streams, rocks and clouds. We all decided to head towards the stream and sit beside it on the rocks. The view was so mesmerizing that I couldn’t get my eyes off all the things.

We sat on the rocks beside the river and under the tree. The music of the flowing water and deep silence of the mountains took away our tiredness. My team mates decided to climb the mountains and I gave up on the very thought of it. They both forced me and took me along; it was something that I had never ever imagined.  Once I started climbing it was fun, I saw and felt a lot of new things like herbs, colored rocks and some natural fragrance every now and then. When you climb mountains you have to walk like a duck and it’s fun to do that, you have to find your own way because it doesn’t have a beaten path, so you got to plan your route all by yourself and if you don’t you can directly slip down to the bottom hurting you the most bad ways.

Climbing mountains aren’t easy, but is something which one should do ones in a lifetime and if possible once in three months. The wind on the top is cleaner and the view is magnificent. When I reached on the top of the mountain, I had so many feelings all together. I was missing mom and at the same time, I was so very proud of myself and thankful to dad that he allowed me to come to such a place.

But, when the moment came to climb down the mountain, it wasn’t easy because you cannot simply walk down. There are a lot of tricks and tactics which need to be applied so that you can reach the foot of the mountain. Sometimes, you sit on the thorns and then you cannot get up. At other times you need to slide down and you are afraid if your joggers tear apart.
Sitting at the top of the mountain and while climbing back, the only thought I had was that mountains motivate you. Yes, they do because when you are at the bottom, you feel like touching the top and when you are in the middle you can tell yourself that if I could climb up till her, I can obviously reach the top. And, when on the top you have that feeling of accomplishment which is fulfilling.

“Mountains teach us that if we could fight the wars of our life till now we can fight them always.”



The view from the top of the mountain




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