Pangong Lake- Because it’s hard to believe that water can be that blue

DSC_0327It is mostly known as the three idiots lake because that’s the place where Aamir Khan romanced with Kareena Kapoor in the movie 3 idiots. It is one place that you should not give a miss not because Bollywood people thought of shooting a movie there but because the landscapes that you can see while you travel to Pangong lake are something which no one should give a miss. The Pangong lake seemed to be a beauty to me because being a city chap, I had never seen blue water except while I used to paint sky or water in my drawing book during my childhood. The view around you is miraculous, water is cold, the mountains are high and the clouds tend to change their formation every now and then.

Things to remember when you visit Pangong Lake

1. Make sure that you start your journey early on the day you plan to visit the Pangong lake because the journey is a bit tough, it takes around six to seven hours to reach this place. So, plan accordingly.

2. Try to plan a stay at the Pangong lake so that you can enjoy the sunset- The roads to Pangong lake are not that good and the temperature falls at night. It’s better to stay at night and travel during the day. Also, if you want to inhale every bit of the lake you got to stay there.

3. Remember to carry warm clothes, it’s damn cold out there.





DSC_0279  DSC_0343



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One Comment Add yours

  1. Vikas Kumar says:

    Hey Naiyyas,
    Its always pleasure to read your posts. There are three more points that I wanna add:
    a) It’s a journey of a lifetime. People should do this at once atleast and many people do this one time only. The water is cold but in afternoon time you can easily go to the water and try some swimming. Salted water but very good experience.
    b) Try to do camping in your own tents but if you have appropriate things and some wood for bonfire.
    c) The lake is too big. Usually people stop at the very first point where 3idiots movie scene happened. But if you go along with the lake you will see more beautiful spots. You can’t go more than 40 km approx I guess because of permission issue but 40km is too much for that place. There is place where water seems to be pure red too. One definitely need to try this.

    Keep up the good writing dear. Lovely to read your posts.


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