“Let me tell you a secret, law is not a profession for girls,” said he.

DSC_0163I still remember, it’s been an year though, but it was just ten minutes that I had landed in Punjab and Haryana High Court where I was introduced to this young lawyer not at all enthusiastic, a big critic of law, lawyers, high court and most importantly of the girls. He announced, no he advised that’s the better word that it is not a profession for girls, he whispered as if he was spilling a secret and if other lawyers get to hear it, they would bang him hard. But, I don’t think out of sixty lawyers sitting in that room, even single one would have objected because almost every lawyer has this hardcore opinion. The best part is they would tell this to only the ones about they care, that is what they think.

I had never ever heard at my place or at my school or in my college that you, being a girl cannot do this and if you were a boy, you could have done it. Luckily, I was brought up in an environment where I was told what if you are a girl, you have to do it and you can do it. I remember my brother telling my mom that cooking is something only girls do, he got a kick from my mom and I saw him making French toast in the next ten minutes. May be my mom taught him that there is no such thing called division of work between a girl and a guy.  I also remember my skating coach making me do push ups more than boys and making me realize that girls are no less than boys.

For almost an year, every day I have thought about it that why lawyers think that litigation is not something which girls should put their legs into. The once who plead for equality day in and day out, the once who in their every draft discuss about equality as if they are staunch believers of it, talk something like this, Strange!

And, yes the supporting argument which almost all of them have is that the environment is not good. Well! You know why they think so because they themselves have created an environment like that of staring at women lawyers while they walk down from one court room to another, talking behind their backs and talking shit about them. My question is that is the environment at vegetable market good where almost every woman has to go almost three days a week. And, even if the environment is bad it’s not that zoo has been shifted to the court and animals deal with cases. Its humans basically men, who have created this environment and then you, are of the opinion that it is bad.

That’s all my Lord.

Because it is still hard to believe that people like these sitting at top positions think that there are things which girls can’t do. Remember, this it’s the women who have won medals in Olympics for India this time, maybe men are busy giving opinions about what girls can do and what they can’t instead of doing something themselves.

A disclaimer- I am not at all of the opinion that all men are the same. No, they are not, but the majority of them have this opinion and that’s all the more sad.


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