Achhe Din Ayenge, you ought to wait

Sunday mornings are the best, the heaps of sleep that the weekend granted you make you feel so complete. I was enjoying eating omelette when my mother suggested me to watch ‘Man Ki Bat’ though, couldn’t hear the whole of it, but whatever I heard was like my dad was suggesting me ways that I…

Tesmo Gompa and City Palace, Leh

  When in the city of Leh donot forget to visit the city palace and the Tesmo Gompa, one is above the other. I visited these places and though the City Palace was undergoing some repair, but the view of the valley from the top if the City Palace is worth seeing. On the other…

Rafting in the river Indus at Nimoo, Leh

Like visiting Leh was on my bucket list, rafting was another such thing. One fine day, our founder announced that the whole office will be going for rafting. I was excited and even though I wasn’t well, Sujata mam (Founder, 17000ft Foundation) made sure that she takes me along.

The streets of Leh

  One thing which I loved doing when I stayed in Leh was walking, I used to walk from one end of the city to the other. I used to take different roads every time I used to do this from walking from one place to another.

Shanti Stupa- Feel the peace!

It’s on a hilltop and the place calls you every time you pick your neck up because it is visible from almost every corner of the city. At night, the Shanti Stupa looks amazing and you actually feel like visiting that place. Climbing those uneven stairs is something which is truly amazing. Once at the…