Shanti Stupa- Feel the peace!

It’s on a hilltop and the place calls you every time you pick your neck up because it is visible from almost every corner of the city. At night, the Shanti Stupa looks amazing and you actually feel like visiting that place. Climbing those uneven stairs is something which is truly amazing. Once at the top you feel as if you have achieved something really big in life and you are so very proud of yourself.


The view is awesome because its the highest  place from where you can see the city. No other buildings in the city gives you such a view of the valley. You just keep yourself rotating to see the view, all confused to decide that which one should be seen for a longer time.

It has basically the paintings and sculptures of Buddha. There is a tall golden colored statue of Buddha at the top of the Shanti Stupa.

Things to remember when you visit Shanti Stupa:-

Visit the place either when the sun is about to rise or at the time of sunset

Yes, it is miraculous because it’s hard to believe that the sun and clouds can make such beautiful scenery views with the help of mountains.

Sit at all these places for fifteen to twenty minutes

  • The meditation room
  • At the top of the Shanti Stupa
  • At the cafe
  • Sit alongside the mountains

Note- If you are young at heart (doesn’t matter if your age doesn’t say that you are young) do climb the stairs to reach the Shanti Stupa instead of going by road in a taxi.








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