Sometimes you got to see things from the other side- The village of Shey


My dad used to always tell me that travelling teaches you a lot and I could understand this phrase a bit more when I visited a village called Shey which is just a few kilometres away from the city of Leh. It was like from twenty days in a row, I was seeing this place from the city, but that day I saw the city from this place. I actually could feel that sometimes, if you see the things from the other side, it’s just amazing; you just fall a bit more in love with this beautiful region of Ladakh.


The sun was about to set, the moon was about to take its place, the clouds were meeting the desert; the mountains were busy playing games with the sun and the clouds. The wind was running here and there, all around the barrel land. The tall trees in the valley were visible, the airport lights were put on and the stream was a bit bluer than usually is. I wanted to just sit in that place and never leave.

Whenever I think about this place it taught me some very important lessons about life like that if you are stuck somewhere in life, you got to see that problem from the other side, maybe you are able to solve it or you get the power or patience to fight that problem in your life.

Note- You can always hire a taxi to visit this village of Shey, also you must remember to visit this place at the time of sunset.

About Shey- Shey is a village in the Leh district of Jammu and Kashmir, India. It is located in the Leh tehsil, 15 km. from Leh towards Hemis.









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