The streets of Leh


One thing which I loved doing when I stayed in Leh was walking, I used to walk from one end of the city to the other. I used to take different roads every time I used to do this from walking from one place to another.


In most of the cities that we get to visit have beaten path, you got to walk down that same road every time you go out. But, things are different at Leh you can walk along the small streams to the main market and various other places. It is fun because not much people know about such paths and there are only locals who live along the stream, and they are the ones who use these silent pathways. The music of the stream is very lyrical, the apricot and apple trees are an add on to everything. The cloud formations that you get to see are a beauty. You should walk along the stream every time you get a chance to do so,  it’s fun because every time you walk along the stream you find a new way. The local people in Leh call these small streams as Nala. So, when you get to visit Leh do walk along the Nala and have fun.

I would suggest that you should go for a walk all around the city at least once because this is one of the best ways to take in the beauty of this city completely.












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