Rafting in the river Indus at Nimoo, Leh


Like visiting Leh was on my bucket list, rafting was another such thing. One fine day, our founder announced that the whole office will be going for rafting. I was excited and even though I wasn’t well, Sujata mam (Founder, 17000ft Foundation) made sure that she takes me along.

We all got into our small little trucks- Tata Xenon and Safari, the journey began with the singing of old songs. The scenic views were mesmerizing, the unending barrel land, the tall mountains and the clouds, the roads to this village called Nimoo were amazing, it was fun driving on such roads.

Finally, we reached our destination, we had our lunch and then wore the costumes for rafting. We were taken to the end of the river from where we had to start rafting, we were divided into two teams. The instructor of my team was enthusiastic and funny, both at the same time. My team was enthusiastic too. So, while going for rafting make sure that you choose the right people because if your company is not right, rafting tends to get boring.

The instructor gave us instructions and taught us a bit of rafting, we were excited and so we sat down in the raft. It was fun, we sang songs, hooted and took away the silence and serenity of the river, we got off the raft on various islands where we weren’t able to stand because it was covered with silt. I also collected some stones as souvenirs and it was amazing.

Getting deep into the water and coming out of it was fun. When the water was still our instructor threw us all in the water, it was damn cold. But, it was an experience. Finally, we reached the end of the other end of the river.

The best thing about Rafting is the peace that you feel while doing it.







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